Honey sump with warming, 1500mm - W2081

Honey sump with warming, 1500mm - W2081


Length: 1500 mm
Number of chambers: 4 pieces

Number of sieves (405 × 295 mm): 5 pieces, including
3 pieces: 3 mm mesh diameter
2 pieces: mesh diameter of 1 mm

Number of drains: 1x5/4"
Type of valve: ball
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Temperature regulation between: 30-55ºC
Heating power: 230 V/520 W (length: 1500 mm)

Heated sump is used to filter the honey flowing directly from the honey extractor during centrifugation. It is equipped with a filtration strainers made of perforated stainless steel mesh of varying diameters that allow for precise filtering of the flowing honey. It is available in a single and heated variants. Heated sump is additionally equipped with heating elements and thermostat, which allows the user to set the desired temperature, which gives much better results of filtering. In addition, the sieve can be fitted with a float switch (charged extra), which by working with a honey pump, controls the level of honey in the sieve and automatically starts and stops the pump. The sump comes with a lid.

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