The ŁYSOŃ Story


"Our company, Przedsiębiorstwo Pszczelarskie “ŁYSOŃ” (“ŁYSOŃ” Beekeeping Company) has been present on the market since 1995. We are mainly engaged in the production of beekeeping equipment. On the European market we are one of the largest companies in this sector. We specialize in the production of styrofoam hives in six systems, i.e. Wielkopolski, Ostrowski, Langstroth, Dadant, Apipol and Warszawski. We are gradually expanding our offer and we are able to adapt to any order. Thanks to many years of experience we have become a pioneer in the production of beekeeping equipment, such as honey extractors, dosers, creamers, uncappers, etc. Continuous technological development and changes in the market require from us flexibility–we introduce to our offer highly specialized technological equipment that is also available to everyone."

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We have retailers in NSW, VIC, SA and WA and are currently looking for anyone interested in selling the Lyson products in QLD, ACT and NT.