Insulated Wax Melter - W4076O

Insulated Wax Melter - W4076O



Material: stainless steel

External tank dimensions:
Length: 588 mm
Width: 518 mm,
Height: 618 mm (with legs - 808 mm) drain diameter: 1"

Frame basket dimensions:
Length: 445 mm,
Width: 372 mm,
Height: 440 mm


Gas stool
Power supply: LPG

Designed for wax recovery from frames or drought using a steam method. It consists of an exernal tank (with water in it) and the frame or drought accommodating basket. It is equpped with insulated sides and cover to eliminate energy loss. It comes with 7,5kW gas stool to heat the water tank.

Number of entire frames fitting into the basket:
10-20 honey frames (depending on frame size)

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