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Lyson Beekeeping Supplies Australia

Lyson Australia

Hi there!  Who are we?  Well we are bee keepers and between the team we have approx 700 hives some of us are still learning and some are 3rd generation.  We felt it was time to have quality products in Australia at fair prices. 

We are proud to be the agents for the largest manufacturer of beekeeping supplies in the world with some fantastic products on our books

We are expecting a great year ahead of us.  We have containers of product arriving early in the new year followed by extraction lines and trailer cranes (these are great) and all listed in they Lyson catalogue.  As you ca see by the picture I was over there this year to look at the products and production and I was very impressed.    

Please have a look at the catalogue there are things in there that you would not have seen before.  All items are able to be shipped here, so don't be shy, at this stage you will have to contact us for pricing as we are still in the stage of construction on this site.

We are looking at having outlets in Mudgee, Wagga and other locations in Queensland and Victoria with delivery services to where ever you are located in Australia. 

We are also at this stage developing a new poly hive for the Australian market which will have some great features.  These are expected to be available in April 2017.

With these products there is a standard 2-3 year factory warranty on all machinery. We will be looking after those problems if they happen to arise so its great to have an agent here that will carry parts for these machines.  

Don't forget to get the Lyson app this is for both android and apple.  Load it on your phone and you can lay in bed planning your purchases!!